BamcoFlor(R) Wins at Brands For Good 2019 for its Revolutionary Bamboo Charcoal Flooring for Sustainable Living

SINGAPORE, Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Bamco Pte Ltd is pleased to announce its latest award as an Honouree at the Brands For Good 2019 under ‘Environment – Sustainable Resource Use’ Category for its revolutionary BamcoFlor® Bamboo Charcoal Flooring.

Brands For Good aims to recognise businesses that not only make a difference but also commit as stewards for a positive impact. The awards also seek to recognize and honour SMEs across Asia for embodying the principle of social responsibility in their business and operations.

Bamco will be exhibiting in New Orleans, USA at the upcoming ‘Leaping Forward Together to USA‘ from 12 to 14 November 2019 to showcase the amazing BamcoFlor® Bamboo Charcoal Flooring at booth number 1120.  Bamco experts will be at the booth to share greater insights with the media and key customers on this new wave of sustainable living.

Why Choose Bamco?

Highly resilient and 100% recyclable, BamcoFlor® Bamboo Charcoal Flooring has purifying properties and supports sustainable living. Patent-pending, it is suitable for all climates. All three layers of BamcoFlor® composite core are 100% waterproof, and are fused together using state-of-the-art heat compression technology to produce a child-safe, non-toxic flooring solution free from phthalates and formaldehyde.

Maintenance is made easy with award-winning and highly durable BamcoFlor® which are designed to be fire-resistant, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant even in harsh industrial environments. It is slip-resistant as a result of intricate yet invisible tracks in our finishing and also has under floor heating which is excellent for spaces especially where there are young children or senior citizens.

BamcoFlor® Bamboo Charcoal Flooring comprises three distinct tiers: Diamond Shield, Design Tier and the core layer – Bamcore

The Diamond Shield layer – a tough top layer that protects the Design Tier is constructed using a patented cutting edge technology, creating first-in-the-world, extremely durable flooring and is able to withstand rigorous use.

The Design Tier is the middle layer that reflects specific designs, colours and customised patterns with high aesthetic appeals of natural wood and stone texture for selection.

Using Bamco’s unique formulation and proprietary manufacturing process, the key component of BamcoFlor® is the core layer Bamcore made of powderised bamboo charcoal. BamcoFlor®’s state-of-the-art VOCUUM Tech absorbs harmful formaldehyde from the surroundings, keeping the environment safe and non-toxic.

There are 3 main products: BamcoFlor® (6mm), Bamco® Lite (4mm) and Bamco® Super Lite (4mm).

The simple UniLink click-system makes it easy to install and requires less labour. It can be reused during renovation or when moving. It can also be recycled. Anti-termites, free from toxins and zero radiation is emitted, making it highly safe to use.

Sustainable Living – Living the Right Way

Save our planet and create a safe environment in your indoor spaces with the revolutionary, first-in-the-world BamcoFlor® Bamboo Charcoal Flooring.

One of the causes[1] of global warming and climate change is the loss of forests due to human activities and businesses. Bamco’s mission is to protect the planet from further forest deterioration with its latest eco-friendly flooring innovation made from BamcoFlor®’s Bamboo Charcoal.

Bamboo trees grow quickly and thus can produce 15 times more raw material than a single pine tree over 30 years.

“With BamcoFlor® Bamboo Charcoal Flooring, it is possible to live modestly and being grounded in one’s surrounding hassle-free, to ensure our living spaces are eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic and healthy for our mind and body”, says Charles Lim, Co-founder of Bamco Pte Ltd.

Bamco has also received the Singapore Green Building Product certification for BamcoFlor® in January 2019. A proud innovation from Singapore and CE-certified, BamcoFlor® is long lasting and comes with 25 years warranty. With over 20 designs to choose from, BamcoFlor® is available for global distribution.

Why worry about Maintenance? BamcoFlor® is highly resistant to every adversity and has zero toxic emission, making it most sustainable, eco-friendly, safe and ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, definitely the preferred sustainable flooring alternative.


More information is available on:

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About Bamco

Bamco was founded by leading industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in building and construction. Bamco strongly advocates eco-friendly, hassle-free lifestyle – living the right way with Bamco’s proprietary Bamboo Charcoal Flooring Solutions.

With innovation and R&D, Bamco’s dedicated team seeks to deliver high-quality, sustainable and eco-friendly flooring products with long-lasting results that are tailored expertly to suit individual needs.

Bamco was awarded as the Honouree at the Brands for Good 2019 Awards in the ‘Environment – Sustainable Resource Use’ category in October 2019. It also received the Singapore Green Building Product certification for BamcoFlor® in January 2019.

A proud innovation from Singapore and CE-certified, BamcoFlor® is long lasting and comes with 25 years warranty. With over 20 designs to choose from, BamcoFlor® is available for global distribution.

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