Balan’s family: The quest for justice continues

Balan’s family: The quest for justice continues

*Monday, 24 June, Seremban High Court*

This morning, Balan’s wheelchair was wheeled into the court, without him on it. His sisters and children came. One of his sisters was carrying his photo. When PSM members and I met them in court, only tears greeted me. Balan died less than a month ago on May 27 2019.

Although he is deceased his presence was felt by all of us. The court today gave us three months period for all parties to see if any settlement can be reached. Judge YA Dato’ Haji Azman was considerate but he needed all parties to come to a settlement.

In a nutshell the case is as below. Balan paid his housing loan promptly until he had an industrial accident in June 2015 and became paralyzed waist down. While he was in coma and bedridden in hospital for nine months, and in full knowledge of his situation, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) auctioned of his only house inspite of an insurance claim under MRTA pending.

Now, the new owner was trying to evict Balan’s family since they won the auction while BSN merely watched in the sidelines. Balan’s house was auctioned off at RM 150,000. While the new owner and Balan, both claimed to be the victim; it is in PSM’s opinion that Balan is the most aggrieved party and based on justice, it is his family that needs to be protected.

Failing to save Balan’s home will put two of his sisters (both widows) in great distress and their four children homeless. Balan was the sole breadwinner of the family.

This morning, human rights and Hindraf lawyer S. Kartigesan, who was taking up the case on a pro bono basis, was present. He called this matter a case of corporate bullying. The case has been now been postponed to September 24, 2019.

PSM feels that Balan’s plight is a genuine case and BSN, which is a GLC, could have used its wisdom and social responsibility in paying off the new owner as well as arranging MRTA insurance for Balan and his family.

BSN comes under the purview of the Finance Ministry. YB P. Wathya Moorthy has promised that he will find ways to assist Balan’s family.

BSN will not go bankrupt by resolving this matter. The problem was created by them and it is only right for them to resolve it. The Pakatan Harapan government, which is committed to justice, should ensure that GLC’s do not be too driven by profits alone.


PSM central committee member

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