Azmi Sharom: Streram disappoints EC if he canvassed votes today

Azmi Sharom: Streram disappoints EC if he canvassed votes today

RANTAU POLLS RANTAU: The Election Commission would be disappointed with Rantau PKR candidate, Dr S Streram if he had indeed canvassed for votes this morning, said EC deputy chairman Azmi Sharom.

“They (the election candidates) should know what the rules are and it’s a simple matter of following them,” he said when approached at SJK (T) Rantau,” said Azmi.

“The law is very clear. Today is when there cannot be any sort of campaigning at all.

“The reason, the logic behind this, is you want polling day to be calm, when the voters can go and think for themselves and decide who they want.

“We don’t want any pressure on the voters. That is why we have these rules.

Azmi’s disappointment is based on the fact that the alleged canvassing can be construed as hearsay.

“If what is reported is correct, it could be that it is against the rules because we’re not supposed to campaign at all on polling day.

“But, of course, this is hearsay. I’m reading what you are showing me … We’ll see what happens next.”

Earlier this morning, Streram allegedly said this: “I hope God is with us today to win this DUN (state seat) for Pakatan Harapan. And I hope everybody who comes here will vote for PH.”

Section 26 (1) (a) of the Election Offences Act 1954 list vote canvassing on polling day as an offence.

If found guilty, Streram would face one year imprisonment and RM5,000 in fine.