Anwar: My team and I are not behind the sex video

Anwar: My team and I are not behind the sex video

PORT DICKSON: PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dismissed outright allegations that his loyalists and he are involved in the dissemination of the sex video implicating his deputy, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“What would be the reason for us to do this? We are from the same party and from Pakatan Harapan,” he said, after a Hari Raya open house celebration at Port Dickson yesterday.

Last week, unknown persons had released a series of videos allegedly showing Azmin having gay sex with Santubong PKR youth chief Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz.

While Haziq had admitted it was him in the video, Azmin had denied the accusations and said it was a dubious plot of character assassination and an attempt to end his political career.

Haziq was arrested at the KLIA for several charges by the police but was released yesterday.

There are quarters who claimed that Anwar and his team are behind the attack on Azmin as the latter is seen as a possible contender for the premiership.

Pro-Anwar NGO, Otai Reformasi had also called upon Azmin be placed on leave until investigations on the matter is complete.

Touching on Mahathir’s apparent closeness to Azmin, Anwar said there is agreement between him and the premier on the power transition process.

“There is an agreement. The prime minister himself has given me his word in person. Even last week, he gave me his word again,” he said.

Anwar, who is also Port Dickson MP, also dismissed rumours that there was power struggle between him and Azmin, causing fracture within Pakatan Harapan.

“All parties have given their support to me,” he said.

On Otai Reformasi’s call for Azmin to take a leave of absence, Anwar spoke out against it.

“People can give their views but I disagree.

“This is an internal matter between the prime minister and Pakatan,” said the former deputy prime minister.