Exclusive: 300 foreigners stranded at Shah Alam Immigration Dept for three days

Exclusive: 300 foreigners stranded at Shah Alam Immigration Dept for three days

SHAH ALAM: Nearly 300 foreigners are left stranded outside of Kompleks PKNS in Shah Alam which houses Shah Alam Immigration Department for the last three days, due to apparent poor services by the government agencies.

Many of them, mostly Bangladeshis, Indonesians and Indians, are left with no choice but to sleep outside the immigration department for the last few days, while waiting for the authorities to attend to their grouses.

Most of them came to pay up compound for overstaying. However, there are also cases where some of them just wanted to settle their dues with the department before leaving Malaysia.

They basically catch up on sleep on the pavements located nearby, often beside the drains.

“We are here since Monday. They told us to wait here for three days until tomorrow 8am to settle our compound, ” said an Indonesian, who wanted to be known as Andy.

With investigations starting at 9.30am today, The Leaders Online found that most of them are victims of unscrupulous job agents, while others just wanted to get out of Malaysia as they were cheated by their employers in terms of their wages.

Despite their arduous wait at the immigration department, some unscrupulous individuals even tried to extort money from them, claiming that they can ‘settle their problems’ faster.

An Indian man, who is known as Kuldeep, said that he came to Malaysia after an agent promised him a lucrative job in Malaysia.

However, Kuldeep realised he was duped by a bogus agent after arriving here.

” I came all the way from Punjab, promised a job here and paid the agent 50,000 Indian rupees to process work permit but I got scammed and stranded here,” said Kuldeep.

One Indonesian worker, known only as Ari, was more vocal, criticising Malaysia for treating its foreign workers like slaves.

Ari, who worked in a construction company, said he was cheated of his wages by his employer despite putting a lot of hardwork for years.

“We are not coming back to Malaysia. Everything changed and it’s not like before.

“I only get a minimum wage of RM 50 per day for construction work and sometimes, the employers don’t even pay us that amount,” he said.

As of 4.30pm, The Leaders Online found that the same group of people were still waiting outside the Shah Alam Immigration Department, with no solution in sight.

The Leaders Online failed to obtain feedback from the Immigration Department as of press time.

By Hema Subramaniam

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