227 individuals have benefited from Covid-19 fund

227 individuals have benefited from Covid-19 fund

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 227 individuals who had undergone treatment or were quarantined, received the RM100 a day special aid for loss of income, which as of Wednesday, involved a sum of RM309,700 from the Covid-19 Fund.

National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) deputy director-general Mohamad Azhan Md Amir said some of the patients underwent treatment and were quarantined for less than 14 days.

“The amount they receive depends on the number of days they have been quarantined, based on reports released by the Health Ministry (MOH).

“To date, Nadma has received over 8,000 applications for the special aid, since the Covid-19 Fund was launched on March 11,“ he said when appearing as a guest on the ‘Ruang Bicara’ talk show programme on Bernama TV last night.

He said the agency was in the midst of screening the applications, with the help of the MOH, adding that they were doing their best to disburse the money efficiently, despite encountering problems when applicants provide inadequate information.

At the same time, Mohamad Azhan urged those applying for the aid to read and understand the eligibility requirements, so that their applications could be attended to immediately.

He said the aid is specially provided for Malaysian citizens who had lost their source of income or had not been paid salaries during the 14-day quarantine period, as well as for those who had been warded in hospitals to undergo treatment for Covid-19 infection.

Meanwhile, the RM5,000 death benefit assistance had been distributed to the next-of-kin of 87 Covid-19 victims, which amounted to RM435,000.

As of Wednesday, the Covid-19 Fund has raised RM42.924 million from various sources including donations from the government, the royal institution, administrative staff from 25 ministries, corporations and individuals.

To avoid getting scammed, Mohamad Azhan advised the public to always refer to the official Nadma website at www.nadma.gov.my or call 03-88704800 for updates on the fund. — Bernama