Zakir Naik expects dire consequences

Zakir Naik expects dire consequences

PUTRAJAYA: Controversial Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik expects to find himself behind bars for a decade if he returns to face charges in India.

He is willing to return to face terrorism and money laundering charges if it would benefit him in the hereafter.

“If someone proves to me that going back is going to benefit me in the life hereafter, I will go today,” reported Kerala based magazine, The Weekly.

“I have faith in the judicial system. It was better before than it is now. Before the BJP government came, you could speak against the government, and at least 80 percent of the times you would get justice.”

“Today the chances are 10-20 percent. Moreover, if we see history, more than 90 percent of Muslims who faced terror charges have been set free after 10-15 years.”

“So if I look at an average I will be behind bars for about 10 years and my entire mission would get disrupted. Why should I be a fool?”

Earlier this month, he was charged for money laundering in absentia.

He added that he would be willing to return to India if the Supreme Court could guarantee that he will receive due justice.

“If there is an assurance from the Supreme Court of India, that if Dr Zakir Naik comes, they will not arrest me till I am convicted, I will come.”

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on filed the first charge sheet against Naik and others, accusing him of money laundering under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in Mumbai.

The identified assets worth ₹193 crore (RM115 million) and allegedly bought illegal real estate assets across the world.

The Malaysian government has given an assurance that they would not send the preacher back as long as he does not create problems here in Malaysia.

Putrajaya wants solid evidence from the Indian government before they decide to repatriate him.

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