Xinfu Creating An Extraordinary Global Leadership Team

Andy Bush joins as Lead Partner for UK, EMEA and Americas

Diddie Cornish appointed as Chief Awareness Officer

– Ben Clube is Global Finance Director

TORQUAY, Australia, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Xinfu, the award-winning, global CEO coaching and consultancy firm is strengthening its global leadership team with new additions of key team members.

Andy Bush joins Xinfu as Lead Partner for UK, EMEA and Americas
Andy Bush joins Xinfu as Lead Partner for UK, EMEA and Americas

“I am pleased to announce that Andy Bush has joined Xinfu, that we have appointed Diddie Cornish into a new important role as Chief Awareness Officer and that we have appointed Ben Clube as our Group Finance Director. As our business grows we will continue to find more amazing people with extraordinary talents and potential to join Xinfu,” said Xinfu CEO Steve Tappin.

Xinfu’s mission began 30 years ago when Xinfu CEO and Founder Steve Tappin saw the need for better leadership while working at ICI. Tappin realized the key to transforming leadership in companies – eliminating bad cultures of bureaucracy, self-interest and unhappy people – lay with the CEO. After meeting and working with the top CEOs in the world, Tappin authored the ‘Secrets of CEOs’ and was asked by the BBC to host CEO Guru to share the CEO best practices on a global scale.

Andy Bush joins Xinfu as Lead Partner for UK, EMEA & Americas markets and will be responsible for client engagement and management, as well as business development. Andy has over thirty years of global media and marketing experience, and has worked overseas throughout his career, including assignments in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. 

Bush spent over twenty years with Time Warner/TIME Inc. where he rose through the ranks with increasing responsibility, culminating with a final role on the global leadership team as SVP Global Accounts. He focused on driving revenue streams from Fortune Global 500 companies and agency networks, across multiple platforms. 

His broad senior management role also included the revenue growth management of CEO level events, such as FORTUNE Global Forums, The global TIME 100 series, plus TIME Inc.’s relationship with the World Economic Forum in Davos.  His first senior role at TIME Warner was being named the International Publisher of TIME and FORTUNE, a position he held since 2013.  

Andy has held multiple leadership roles, most recently serving on the leadership team of SDL Ltd as Director of Global Accounts, where he drove their global Marketing Automation and AI SaaS tech sales strategy and processes into CMOs and C-Suite decision-makers. 

Diddie Cornish has been appointed Chief Awareness Officer serving as the confidant to the CEO on Awareness including mentoring, culture and team dynamics. She has worked in corporate roles for many years which has given her a great deal of experience in management and leadership; including firms specialising in advisory services, legal, litigation support and insolvency. In her multifaceted roles, she has helped companies grow from startups to multinational affiliations. 

Ben Clube has been appointed Global Finance Director. He has more than 20 years’ international experience as a finance and commercial executive and has served on the boards of UK and Australian listed energy and resource companies. Previously with BHP Petroleum for 15 years where he was also Senior Vice President of Finance. Ben brings broad expertise across strategic and business transformations and business improvement initiatives. He has an extensive track record in strategic M&A and commercial transactions and equity and debt capital markets.


Xinfu is an award-winning, global CEO coaching and consultancy firm which, over the last decade, has demonstrated its expertise in serving as a confidant and friend for CEOs, inspiring them to outperform.

In this decade Xinfu is expanding beyond business leaders to reach political and cultural icons as well, with a mission to help the world become incredible. Tappin has taken 30+ years of working with the world’s top CEOs and from this, distilled the key elements needed to create an inspired company that far outperforms expected results.

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