UUM to restrict Zakir Naik talk to Muslims only

UUM to restrict Zakir Naik talk to Muslims only

SINTOK: Due to objections, Universiti Utara Malaya has decided to change its pamphlets and posters that are promoting the talks of controversial Indian Muslim televangelist, Dr. Zakir Naik entitled “Duty of a Muslim as a Professional”.

“They have also agreed to restrict the talk to Muslims,” added Malaysia Hindu Sangam president, Datuk RS Mohan Shan to The Leaders Online.

He said this following reports that MHS youth leaders sent a protest memorandum to the university out of concerns since the promotional materials included both Muslims and non Muslims as its audience.

Mohan also reiterated his concerns regarding the talk by Zakir.

“Previously, Zakir has consistently done comparative religion talks. Religion and education should be kept apart since his talks can serve to confuse young minds into converting,” said Mohan.

In addition to that, Mohan said he would raise this matter with the Education Ministry soon.