Tun Mahathir – Power as a reformation tool not reformation as a powerful tool

Tun Mahathir – Power as a reformation tool not reformation as a powerful tool

There are rumors that there are efforts to bring back Tun Dr Mahathir back in power as PM. I hope it’s just a speculation.

If it’s true, it is unfortunate for this country especially for the struggle to reform the country.

It will again hinder the country’s reform process as much as the reforms are stalled despite Tun Mahathir becoming PM in the name of reform in the last GE14.

This is because Mahathir is pursuing power rather than pursuit of reform. Mahathir makes reform a tool for him to rule. It is clear that from the first day he came to power and became PM, Mahathir’s rule was to retain power, delay and possibly renegotiate the 2-year deal.

Various tricks were made beginning with the formation of a cabinet that clearly tended to retain Mahathir’s power and strengthen the enemies of Mahathir’s successors already in the treaty.

During his tenure, although there was a clear sex offender case against a cabinet member, the video was blurred, the case was closed because the minister was ‘useful’ in retaining Mahathir’s power as PM.

22 months the reform government is given the mandate by the people to rule, but the main issue isn’t reform anymore but about the transition of power.

So the process of reform is sluggish. The most important thing is to arrest and punish those who have stolen the country’s money, the abuse of power and clear all the corrupts. But after 22 months in power none of the country’s corrupts have been jailed!

And its climax is the downfall of the reformation government. It is also a result of Mahathir’s game of wanting to stay in power.

He is willing to make friends with the enemy who had just fought with in the GE 14 lalu. Be in common friends with the enemy on the basis of religion and race.

All the plot arranged so that the transition process is not smooth and timely. Did we forget all about the”Kongres Maruah Melayu”? It is the first step to destroy the transition plan and damage reformation government.

Enough Tun. Please pity our country. The country has lost thousands of billions to the corrupts and elite crooks. The country is demanding honest and genuine reform.

This can only happen when the power is used as a tool for success rather than using it as a tool for the achievement of personal gains and to continue in power and become Prime Minister (for the third time).

Datuk Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor is Malaysian Anti-Corruption Movement chairman

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