‘The Rambler’ café opens at Goodman Interlink to meet customers’ evolving needs

‘The Rambler’ café opens at Goodman Interlink to meet customers’ evolving needs

HONG KONG, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Goodman today announces the opening of ‘The Rambler’, a newly renovated café at its flagship Goodman Interlink property in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. The refurbishment is part of Goodman’s continuing efforts to prioritise our customers needs.

'The Rambler' café opens at Goodman Interlink to meet customers' evolving needs
‘The Rambler’ café opens at Goodman Interlink to meet customers’ evolving needs

Named after Goodman Interlink’s unique and strategic location in the Rambler Channel, The Rambler offers a refreshing space for our customers, their workers and their guests to meet, socialise and recharge. Fully equipped with a wide range of modern facilities, digital kiosks, dining areas, a 24-hour pantry, The Rambler offers an array of fresh and healthy menu choices for dine-in or take-away through its Asia Spice, Bistro and Deli food stations.

Sustainability is also at the heart of the new café. In line with Goodman’s commitment to creating spaces that promote health, safety and the wellbeing of all people, The Rambler will donate food to underprivileged communities throughout Hong Kong that would have otherwise been disposed.

Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China at Goodman, commented, “Opening The Rambler café is an exciting and important milestone for Goodman, our customers and their workers at Goodman Interlink. Goodman’s commitment to wellbeing and long-term thinking, by creating high-quality facilities and breakout spaces like The Rambler café, has come to life. We are also delivering on Goodman’s promise to manage environmental risks by redistributing food, while being a force for good in the local community.”

Created by the award-winning agency “A Work of Substance” led by Maxime Dautresme, The Rambler captures the heritage of Hong Kong and the Rambler channel, drawing on the theme of ‘reflection’ to depict the evolution of Hong Kong from a fishing village to one of the world’s most important global logistics and financial hubs.

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