The plus and minus points in Jalan Raja Ramadan Bazaar

The plus and minus points in Jalan Raja Ramadan Bazaar

KUALA LUMPUR: There are plus and minus points in the new Ramadan bazaar that has been relocated to Jalan Raja.

Serunding trader Kamal of Gombak Serunding was optimistic about the new Ramadan bazaar location along Jalan Raja.

“Each location has its own advantages.  There is more space here. It is easier for people to move around.  It is too crowded over there,” he said.

“In terms of income it is a bit slow. I think it is because the old place has been an attraction for a long time compared to here. People go there for walks, relaxing and shopping. That’s changed now,” he added.

“There are more points of attraction over there such as Masjid India and boutiques. People have more options.  People complain about parking but KL always had parking problems,” he also said.

The Leaders Online visited the new location for the Ramadan bazaar at Jalan Raja.  It has more space for shoppers. 

In terms of trade, clothing are the key products on sale.  Stalls selling traditional Malay food items were nowhere to be seen except for several serunding stalls.  Traditional food items continue to be sold along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) and Jalan Masjid India where the stalls were previously located.

Food trucks made up for the void left by the lack of food stalls.  Another benefit for shoppers coming here is the underground car park located right under Dataran Merdeka.

Unfortunately, many are not aware of this car park, partly due to lack of promotions.

Samping seller Faris Lajis feels that the public response to the new venue is good due to facilities that would make shopping a breeze for the crowd.

“This place has camps, fans and air conditioner.  Customers told me that they feel comfortable. Sales wise, it was better in Masjid India as we were established over there.  But the difference is minimal, I can still make RM1,000 to above RM2,000 daily,” he said.

He also did not feel the return of Sale and Services Tax impacting his business.  The SST was reintroduced to replace the Goods and Services Tax that was implemented under the previous government.

Boutique product trader, Norashikin Othman experienced her first boutique trade here as she previously sold Malay delicacies on Jalan TAR.

“The crowd has reduced from morning to evening.  Not many come like the way they did on Jalan TAR. People feel lazy to come here unlike the previous years at Jalan TAR.  There is a Sogo shopping complex over there.

“People also face difficulties in parking.  Only after breaking fast, the people come here looking for things they need.

She also admitted that many who visited the bazaar were unaware about the underground parking facilities. 

“Some parked at Sogo (shopping complex) and walked up here.  They get tired by the time they reach here because they are not aware of the parking facilities here.”

As for sales, she told The Leaders Online that prices of goods have been maintained as before to retain the customer base.  This move was taken after taking into account the rising cost of living.

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