Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Dear Women,

When you were a little girl, what did you love to do? Where did your imagination take you? How did you express yourself? Did you dance, sing, spend hours in nature, paint your face, make up stories, or build whole cities with blocks? Before you were told that you were too much or not enough, what were the unique ways that you expressed your love?

You see, the ways you expressed yourself as a child hint back to the core of who you really are. We come into this world free from inhibitions and rules about how we should be. Instead we just are how we are. And in an ideal world, this nature would be nurtured by the family, community, and society around us.

Unfortunately, most of the time this is not the case, and through other people’s feedback, words, or actions, you may have been taught that you needed to be different or somehow “better,” and so the contortion and hiding began. The thing is, sister, that time is of the essence. You being you is no longer a vanity or some pretty idea. It is an urgency.

It is time to COME OUT OF HIDING! For the sake of our planet, for the sake of all of humanity, you must become who you are, reclaiming your wise inner child, the one that has always been and always will be free. Because this child–when remembered and embodied with wholeness–has everything you need to succeed in this world. She is brave. She is smart. She is fearless. She is curious and compassionate and forgiving. She is mischievous, a rebel at heart. She welcomes a challenge. She is resilient. She is you, and she is me. She is all of us. And she is the leader you have always wanted to become.

The time is NOW to remember and embrace her and let her speak and sing and dance her love into the world! On this International Women’s Day, remember the girl who knows her yes and no without a doubt; the girl who believes wholeheartedly in the power of her imagination; the girl who doesn’t give a flip what others think about her ideas; the girl whose ideas will absolutely transform this world. Just breathe love into your heart right now and remember with us.

That’s right. She is still here. Waiting patiently for you to see her, to listen to her voice. So, take her hand, and together, let’s all walk into a tomorrow where she and you and I, and every single human being on this planet can be free to be exactly the way they choose to be. Trusting you every step of the way.

Hema Subramaniam


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