Terrorism: Malaysian among 16 foreigners repatriated from Singapore

Terrorism: Malaysian among 16 foreigners repatriated from Singapore

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian was among 16 foreigners who were repatriated from Singapore as part of heightened security posture following a spate of terror attacks in France and elsewhere.

The Malaysian was found to be radicalised and harboured the intention to travel to Syria or Palestine to partake in armed violence, said the republic’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in a statement here today.

The other 15 were Bangladeshis, most of whom were working in the construction industry who, in response to the recent terror attacks in France, had made social media postings which incited violence or stoked communal unrest, said the ministry.

“In view of the deteriorating security situation, the Home Team has been on heightened alert since early September, and had also stepped up its security activities to pre-empt copycat attacks in Singapore,” MHA said.

In total, 37 individuals are investigated by the Internal Security Department (ISD), it said, adding that of the total, 14 are Singaporeans, and 23 are foreigners.

“The investigations into the remaining seven foreigners are still ongoing,” it said.