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Chicago artist fills potholes with coronavirus-themed art

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a bumpy road for many people in Chicago, but they have mosaic artist Jim Bachor to thank for paving the way to some unexpected smiles with four additions to his ‘pothole art’ series installed on

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Labrador Hatty sworn in at Chicago state attorney’s office for emotional support

A labrador retriever dog sworn in at Chicago State Attorney’s office for providing emotional support. (Photo: Twitter/AP) It was a real dog of a ceremony this week during a swearing-in at the state’s attorney’s office in Chicago. The newly sworn-in

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Chicago Booth to host Strategic Thinking programme for Asia-Pacific leaders

KUALA LUMPUR: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive Education will host its two-day Strategic Thinking – Hong Kong programme, beginning Feb 11, next year. The highly sought out programme is designed to elevate critical thinking skills and

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Black, gay woman elected Chicago mayor in historic vote

CHICAGO: In a historic first, a gay African American woman was elected mayor of America’s third largest city Tuesday, as Chicago voters entrusted a political novice with tackling difficult problems of economic inequality and gun violence. Lori Lightfoot, a 56-year-old

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