Stop the media circus

Stop the media circus

The current AG and the appointed DPP for the case has maintained their stand. And so has the MACC. So basically if the former AG still insist that his good name is being dragged in the mud unprofessionally and unethically, then his other alternative is to take up a civil suit.

The former MACC head has also kept silent over the claims made by the current AG and the current MACC head. No organisation, be it civil or private is allowed to use a third party name if the third party deems it is tarnishing his or her image in public.

It borders defamation in the eye of the ordinary public. This is not about questioning the agreement made between the two parties to accept the DNAA but it is about clearing all doubts in public domain since there are two versions of the story and claims.

Thus it is only proper that the party sounding aggrieved (former AG) initiate legal action. I am sure a lawyer of that stature knows the various legislations that can be cited to clear the air once and for all. Indeed by merely filing a suit, the first impression is he is right to claim that he would never have accepted such a plea bargain.

Going bouncing on the media platform will never reveal the truth.

Narinder Pal Singh is a veteran political observer and a practicing pharmacist.

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