Socso advised to extend self-employment scheme to other sectors

Socso advised to extend self-employment scheme to other sectors

PUCHONG: The Human Resources Ministry is recommending that Socso extends the Self-Employment Scheme (SPS) to include farmers, fishermen, hawkers and artistes.

Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran said the proposal was to ensure that apart from those with employers, workers in the informal business sector would also receive protection in the event of an accident or untoward incident.

“I have informed Socso to discuss the matter with individuals involved in this sector and to get their consent. We hope this proposal is implemented as soon as possible.

“The suggestion is towards a positive direction and such scheme is also widely implemented in other developed countries,” he said.

Also present were Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar, Socso chairperson Zakri Mohd Khir, CEO Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed and Bernama chairperson Azman Ujang.

Earlier, Kulasegaran said, from February 2019, the scheme was extended to taxi drivers, e-hailing drivers and those who drive buses, school buses, factory buses and tour buses.

Meanwhile, Azman said taxi and e-hailing drivers who fail or refuse to register with Socso could be compounded.

“Socso is giving them until the end of June, failing which they could be compounded between RM500 and RM4,000, depending on the offence and duration the offence was committed.

“We are not inconveniencing them, but this is for the sake of their safety,” he added.

Azman said so far only 14,500 taxi and e-hailing drivers nationwide have registered with Socso.