SmartSens Announces the First 1080P Sensor in Its Advanced Imaging (AI) Series

SmartSens Announces the First 1080P Sensor in Its Advanced Imaging (AI) Series

SAN JOSE, California, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SmartSens Technology today announced the launch of its SC200AI sensor, the first in a new Advanced Imaging (AI) series product lineup of high-performance, low-light-capable image sensors with advanced HDR capabilities and reliability in harsh environments. The sensor meets increasing global demand for advanced sensors with better environmental resistance, as the market for security and surveillance products continues to evolve and grow.

SmartSens SC200AI Image Sensor
SmartSens SC200AI Image Sensor

The SC200AI represents the first sensor in SmartSens’ new AI Series of Advanced Imaging products. It features the latest BSI-enabled SmartClarity™ technology as well as SmartSens’ full-color night vision technology, employing a proprietary SFC (Source Follower Centric) enhanced design architecture to increase signal sensitivity and reduce noise levels, resulting in higher SNR and high-dynamic-range (HDR) image performance.

Compared to previous generations of SmartSens image sensors, the SC200AI platform achieves significant improvements in both sensitivity (27%) and SNRmax (250%), which contribute to higher image clarity under low-light conditions. The SC200AI also improves color reproduction by lowering Red-to-Green Channel Crosstalk by 36%, producing images that are both clear and true-to-color.

As most security cameras and surveillance devices operate outdoors under direct and indirect sunlight, it is crucial for image sensors in these applications to maintain their performance, even in high-temperature environments. The SC200AI excels in producing high-quality images under these harsh conditions with a 56% reduction in dark current compared to previous generations of SmartSens image sensors.

“SC200AI marks a new chapter in our Smart Sensor offerings by dramatically enhancing the image quality across the board and lowering image noise levels in high-temperature environments,” said Chris Yiu, CMO of SmartSens. “As the latest member of our 1/2.8″ 1080P product family, the SC200AI is fully Pin2Pin compatible with previous generation products. SmartSens continues to expand our supply chain and capacity support while delivering new technology that elevates the performance of our solutions in the security camera sector.”

The SC200AI Image Sensor is available for sampling immediately, with mass production expected in late-June. For more information on SC200AI or to request a sample, please contact us at

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