Sky Star Alliance Stock Speculation Competition is about to start Working together, doing good deeds, conducting social charity financial activities

Sky Star Alliance Stock Speculation Competition is about to start Working together, doing good deeds, conducting social charity financial activities

TAIPEI, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When the insignificant stars gather together, it is enough to light up the sky of financial empowerment financial good to create a new model of financial charity integration. With the power of finance to drive charity, the alliance adds bricks and mortar to the financial market recovery during the pandemic. Finance enables the charity to produce value by itself and gives better feedback to society. Sky Star Alliance will feedback to the society actively and help more people in need so that the sacred fire of love can be passed on and help charity finance take off together.

The “Sky Star” real stock speculation competition was organized by Sky Star Alliance, founded by Mr. Li Weicheng. It is co-organized by several public welfare causes and financial companies. It is planned that the organizers and co-sponsors come up with 500 million of the initial funds. Through online practice speculation, Sky Star Alliance plan to make 500 million profits in three months, among which 50% of the profit will be donated directly to social welfare institutions, 30% will be provided to fund the teacher’s reward, 20% will be given to students and individuals who support the work.

Dividend conditions for students and individuals:

1. Students who attend three consecutive classes per week share 20% of the dividend;

2. Students who have followed the teacher to buy stocks with a profit of 30% or more will be asked to donate 20% of their profit to social welfare organizations. The 5th day of each month is Sky Star dividend settlement day. The 10th day of each month is a unified donation day.

Sky Star Alliance Founder Profile:

Li Weicheng (born): 3rd November, 1975. Type A. Scorpio. A native of Taipei.

Education background: University of British Columbia – B.A. Psychology, University of British Columbia – M.A. Behavioural Economics; Licenses: CFA Financial Chartered Analyst/series 3 & 7 licenses Qualified Trading Advisor CTA / Taiwan Securities & Futures Dual Analyst / Forex Analyst


1. Global Equity Fund Manager, UOB Securities Vancouver Branch 2001~2005

2. Strategic Analyst, Technology Group, Asia, U.S. Demerit Securities 2005~2009

3. Head of Asia Research, Singapore-based Rong Yi Capital 2009~2016

4. Global Principal Analyst, Carlson Group 2016~2022

Since 2009, Li Weicheng has followed his mentor’s global public service travels. He has seen so many social injustices, local poverty, backwardness in healthcare, and the tragedy of natural disasters. In the benefactor’s patient enlightenment, he decided to create Sky Star Alliance. His initial intention is to create a team of the investment market, which can follow social rescue agencies to do public welfare rescue in the investment market, lead thousands of retail investors back to safety in the stock market crash, benefit the investment income in the investment market, and actively work for the t public welfare charity cause in the community. This is his initial idea and also the prototype of the Sky Star Alliance.

Sky Star was founded in 2019 by Li Weicheng, during which time he has been leading Sky Star members, constantly fighting in the financial market. Excellent results have been achieved, including continuously expanding earnings, members’ settlement in the stock market, and forming their way of investment income. Sky Star has also cared for the socially disadvantaged and spread public welfare during its development.