Siamese community in Kelantan also fete National Day

Siamese community in Kelantan also fete National Day

TUMPAT: From the lilt in his speech in the dialect of the Kelantan Malay community, no one would have thought that this 23-year-old man from Rantau Panjang, 35.6 km from here, is not a Malay.

Nang Ruen Tin is actually from the Siamese community, which had long united and assimilated with the Kelantan Malay community since before independence especially in terms of speech, without losing the culture and traditions of their ancestors.

‘’The Kelantanese society live in harmony in a diversity of races who share a way of life, speak in the Kelantanese dialect and mutually respect each other’s religions.

‘’The National Day celebration is one of the examples good relations are fostered through the activities of the various races. The young generations must be given the exposure on the history and spirit of independence,’’ he told Bernama.

In conjunction with National Day celebration, the Kelantan’s Siamese community were also enthused about putting up the Jalur Gemilang at their homes.

Wareen Chua Rui Yin, 16, from Kampung Paya Pasir, Wakaf Bharu said that he was grateful that he was born in the district and live in a village in peace and in concert with the other communities.

‘’As soon as August comes around, normally my family will buy a number of Jalur Gemilang and fix them on our house and fence.

‘’Still many residents are not too aware of this act of solidarity, so we take the opportunity to start the effort to sow the spirit of independence at home,’’ he said.

Tong Swee Gim, 57, on his part, said since small he was always enthusiastic about celebrating National Day.

‘’My school mates and I would cycle home from school in the evening with the Jalur Gemilang fixed on our bicycles and this stirred the warrior’s spirit and love for the country in each and every one of us,’’ he added.


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