Selangor JaPen promotes Banjar, Javanese languages to enliven national month celebration

Selangor JaPen promotes Banjar, Javanese languages to enliven national month celebration

SABAK BERNAM: The Selangor Information Department (JaPen) has taken the initiative to make announcements on the National Day celebration in Banjar and Javanese languages to enable the local community here to better understand the information being conveyed.

Among the announcements prepared by Selangor JaPen audio visual technician, Fadzlysham Ahmad in Banjar language are:

“Walaupun negara kita ni sedang berhadapan awan ujian getir, iaitu penularan wabak Covid-19, amun, semangat cinta akan negara perlu dipamerkan dengan banggaknya Jalur Gemilang bersempena bulan kebangsaan ini. Jangan kelumpangan, untuk mematuhi SOP yang talah ditetapkan kerajaan”.

The announcement reads although the country is facing an uphill battle due to the spread of Covid-19, the spirit of love for the country must be displayed by flying the Jalur Gemilang in conjunction with the National Month. Don’t forget to comply with the SOPs (standard operating procedures) set by the government.

Fadzlysham, 37, said although this year’s National Month would be celebrated modestly without face-to-face gatherings and activities, Selangor JaPen remained enthusiastic and proud to carry out the task of ensuring that the Sabak Bernam residents fly the Jalur Gemilang.

A Bernama check found that residents in Taman Perdana here expressed their feeling of pride and excitement upon hearing that JaPen used Banjar and Javanese languages ​​to make announcements on the National Day 2021 celebrations and Covid-19 which according to them has made it easier for locals to understand the message conveyed.

Fathullah Md Danu @ Md Salleh, 53, said he greatly appreciated JaPen’s commitment to convey the message in languages that are commonly used in their daily conversations.

Government retiree, Mohd Noh Kamal Mohammad, 59, said he was very excited when he heard the words ‘kulaan seberataan’ which mean my dear brothers and sisters chanted in the announcement.

“When I heard the announcement was made in Banjar language, I immediately told my friends about it,” he told Bernama.

Meanwhile, Selangor JaPen director Ali Suhaili said that the department also used Banjar and Javanese languages when conducting the Info On Wheels (IOW) programme to help local residents better understand the information conveyed.

He said the distribution of the Jalur Gemilang was carried out in strict compliance with the SOPs as well as via a safe and contactless method by placing the flag either in the mailbox or in front of the doors of houses in the area.

“In conjunction with the National Day celebration, patriotic songs will be played and heard as the IOW vehicles go round distributing the Jalur Gemilang to the people throughout the state,” he said.