Sada: Prepared for water disruption during Aidilfitri

Sada: Prepared for water disruption during Aidilfitri

ALOR STAR: Syarikat Air Darul Aman (Sada) has taken several early preparatory measures to tackle and reduce water supply disruptions in the state which are expected to take place during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

Sada acting chief executive officer, Mohd Suhaimi Mohd Jusoh said that water consumption during the festive season was expected to go up by 30% compared to normal periods which would prompt low water pressure for consumers in some areas.

‘’Among the measures taken is identifying areas which are expected to encounter problems during the coming 2019 Aidilfitri Festive Season based on the post-mortem conducted during the 2018 Aidilfitri festive season.

’’Sada will also ensure all logistic assets are in the best conditions and ready for mobilisation at any time other than ensuring all mechanical and electrical equipment and current chemical stocks at Sada water treatment plants are in good conditions and adequate,’’ he said in a statement, here yesterday.

He said Sada also carried out improvements to the water distribution system by redistributing of supplies from other areas bordering problem areas, installing booster pumps, changing main valves and servicing air valves.

In addition, Mohd Suhaimi said Sada would store water in reserve tanks to raise the water levels in tanks at night to be used the next day in areas encountering problems.

‘’Sada have also rented more low capacity tanker lorries and jumbo tankers to smoothen and make more effective the process of water delivery to affected areas,’’ he said.

Consumers keen to obtain information or lodge complaints on water supply problems could contact the Sada Information Centre at 1300-88-0017 or Sada Headquarters’ Operations Room at 04-7408976.

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