Repatriating work for IS terrorist wife, Nor Mahmudah, underway

Repatriating work for IS terrorist wife, Nor Mahmudah, underway

KUALA LUMPUR: The police are working towards repatriating back Nor Mahmudah Ahmad, the widow of Malaysian Islamic State (IS) terrorist Muhammad Wanndy Mohd Jedi, from Syria, confirmed federal counter-terrorism chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.

Nor Mahmudah made the plea following the deaths of her three children in a bombing nine months ago, reported Singapore’s Straits Times.

Ayob acknowledged that the move to bring her back was unpopular among the people but added that Malaysia has a duty to assist its people.

“We are in the midst of processing the repatriation. But it is unsure when she will be brought back.

“She has finally realised [she is in the wrong] and she feels stuck said the top counter terrorist chief.

He also put forth his points in support of Mahmudah’s plea.

“If we abandon them, the terror group would manipulate it to reignite their spirit and ideology by saying we refused to help when they ask for it. We don’t want to fall into that narrative.

“They are Malaysians and it is our duty to help. Some may not agree with what we’re doing but if we ignore their call for help, it would push them further away from rejecting the ideology,” he reportedly said.

Ayob acknowledged that there would be public opposition to Nor Mahmudah’s return but added that repatriating her back would allow the authorities to resolve the issues at the core.

“And by worse, I mean them launching attacks on foreign lands out of frustration. Who is going to be responsible for that?”

Nor Mahmudah is currently at the Al-Houl refugee camp on the southern outskirts of al-Hawl town in northern Syria, close to the Syria-Iraq border.

Ayob confirmed that Nor Mahmudah must undergo mandatory deradicalisation programme once she returned.

Nor Mahmudah’s deceased husband, Muhammad Wanndy, was among the top Malaysian recruiters for IS and masterminded the grenade attack on Movida Bar in Puchong, three years ago.

He died during a US drone attack on Raqqa in April 2017. Nor Mahmudah reportedly remarried a Belgian IS fighter after the deaths of Wanndy and their three children.

In the event of Nor Mahmudah’s repatriation, her current husband, a Belgian IS fighter will not be joiniing her as he is not a Malaysian.