Ramasamy: Kedah MB and MIC sink their differences on temple demolitions

Ramasamy: Kedah MB and MIC sink their differences on temple demolitions

Kedah MB Muhammed Sanusi Md Nor congratulated MIC president S. Vigneswaran for his bold statement on the Indian community.

Sanusi responded to Vigneswaran’s speech in the MIC AGM last week where he admonished Indians for building temples not in accordance with the law leading to their demolitions by the authorities.

He also warned Indians not to humiliate their own gods by not respecting laws and procedures.Sanusi who once scolded the MIC leaders for behaving as though under the influence of toddy, has come around in one full circle to praise the MIC leader.

“Terima kasih Tan Sri S.A Vigneswaran atas nasihat yang baik ini.

Pemimpin kena memimpin dan memandu pengikut supaya menjadi baik dan patuh kepada peraturan. Sama-sama kita patuhi peraturan. Sama-sama kita pupuk semangat perpaduan”.

Vigneswaran’s speech in which he chastised Indians for building illegal temples fitted very well with the earlier argument of Sanusi in which he defended the demolition of two Hindu temples in Kedah, one in Alor Setar and the other in Kulim.

Sanusi defended the demolitions saying that they were built illegally without the permission of the local authorities.Mind you the Alor Setar temple was built more than 100 years ago, long before the country became independent and long before local authorities were formed in the country.

I am still not sure why Vigneswaran who had earlier criticised Sanusi for defending the demolition of the two temples would much such an irresponsible statement.

Vigneswaran’s might have rightly advised Indians that future buildings of temples must adhere to the law. But what is not understandable is the fact that most of the temples demolished in the country were built during the colonial period.

Some temples were more than one hundred years. Vigneswaran given his lacking of understanding of the ground reality believes that some of the Hindu temples demolished were built recently without the proper permission.

However, some quarters think that Vigneswaran is no fool, his criticism of Indians building illegal temples were meant to appease the right wing Malays in both PAS and Umno.

Thus it was no surprise that his “political enemy” Sanusi was among the first person to commend Vigneswaran for his bold statement.The MIC might be back in the good books of the racists and bigots in Umno and PAS, but the gap between it and the community has grown wider.

In the end, the Indian community has been terribly hurt by the irresponsible statement by Vigneswaran, the number one man in the MIC.Indians were happy that Vigneswaran came to their defence when two temples were demolished in Kedah.

But unfortunately, it did not take too long for Vigneswaran to show his true colours. With MIC leaders like Vigneswaran, the Indian community needs no enemies.

P Ramasamy is the deputy chief minister II of Penang

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