Procare HK Introduces Internationally Certified Made-in-HK Masks – Let’s Fight the Virus Together

Procare HK Introduces Internationally Certified Made-in-HK Masks – Let’s Fight the Virus Together

HONG KONG, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As the Hong Kong public faces a third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, masks are one of the best prevention tools against this public health threat. Procare HK, a Hong Kong manufacturer of high-quality masks designed to prevent splatter, sprays, and airborne particles, offers customers masks that are made in Hong Kong under international ASTM F2100-19 certification and compliance through U.S. laboratory testing. The Company announced a new line of masks on May 2020, in time for the fight against COVID-19. Procare HK has received the prestigious Q-Mark certification for excellence in manufacturing from the Hong Kong Quality Marks Council. Q-Mark is recognized in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China for production lines with the highest standards.


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With four production lines making adult and children’s masks, Procare HK can produce 4 to 6 million masks a month to ensure a continuous supply of masks for the public, schools, corporates and health groups. Both adult and children’s masks are available for providing the best prevention against harmful particulates, sprays, and sources of infection.

Quality & Reliability Backed by International Certification and Standards

Procare HK helps the public fight against the epidemic with masks that are high quality, reliable, and safe to use. The Company ensures its products meet rigorous standards for manufacturing, through clean rooms that are in strict accordance with ISO 14644 Class 7 and ISO 13485 Medical device standards. All masks meet or exceed the American ASTM F2100-19 international standard for facemasks. Level 1 masks made by Procare HK are >95% efficiency for all VFE, BFE and PFE standards. Level 2 and Level 3 masks achieve ratings >99% for VFE, BFE, and PFE standards. Besides ASTM F2100-19 level 2 certification, its level 2 adult masks also received Q-mark certification from the Hong Kong Quality Marks Council. 

Online Sales – Reduce Line Queuing While Increasing Availability

Procare HK masks have been on sale since July 6. All masks are in stock and sold online for quick ordering and shipping on its official e-shop. Masks are available in convenient adult and children’s sizes for the best fitting. The Company’s four production lines will provide Level 1 to Level 3 masks to ensure a ready and continuous supply of masks Made in Hong Kong and sold in Hong Kong. By providing masks online, Procare HK helps the public avoid exposure in long lines and eliminates store queuing time.

Procare HK Supports Society and HK Schools

Procare HK understands the strain and economic burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on all of us. The Company is working together with various Hong Kong groups to provide high-quality masks to as many people as it can. Procare HK has pledged to provide our products to groups to help with the elderly and under-privileged. With company employees and volunteers, Procare HK will visit nursing homes and low-income families to provide free masks to help stop the epidemic and protect the public.

To help schools, Procare HK has launched its “Procare HK Campus Mask Promotion Program” to offer masks to faculty and students with school discounts. Students from low-income families will receive further discount plans. Procare HK is committed to helping every Hongkonger obtain a high-quality mask in these uncertain times.

About Procare HK

Procare HK is a leading manufacturer and distributor of diversified products and services in Hong Kong. The founder of Procare HK wanted to establish a trusted brand to quickly bring together the latest technology and equipment to meet the mask shortage in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis as quickly as possible. Using high-quality raw materials, established partners, expert production associates, along with world-class quality control mechanisms, Procare HK proudly manufactures masks in Hong Kong to meet the challenges and mask shortages facing the Hong Kong people and the world. With its “Professional Care” core principle, the company strives to protect every man, woman, and child in Hong Kong by providing reliable and safe masks. Procare HK masks meet or exceed international standards. Procare HK products emphasize Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The Company is committed to creating a trustworthy brand representing “high-quality and safe and reliable” products. Procare HK is focused on manufacturing masks suitable for medical use, and establishing partnerships with its stakeholders including schools, medical organizations, NGOs, and its corporate partners.

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