Preparations for high tide phenomenon in Kota Tinggi

Preparations for high tide phenomenon in Kota Tinggi

KOTA TINGGI: The Johor Fire and Rescue Department is ready to face the high tide phenomenon that will occur at around 2.30 am tomorrow and is expected to cause floodwaters to rise up to 2.4 metres, especially in Kota Tinggi town.

Johor Fire and Rescue Department deputy director Pauzan Ahmad said currently the floods in the district were rising as a result of high tides and stagnant flood water.

“The high tide delays the flow of floodwater to the sea, and water levels have increased by 0.3 metres. We are worried the situation will result in increased levels of flooding as well as flooding in new areas,” he said when met at the Bandar Kota Tinggi bridge today.

Regarding their preparations, he said 165 personnel and eight officers have been assigned in Kota Tinggi and are equipped with six boats and six four-wheel-drive vehicles as well as two lorries, all that have been stationed in flood-affected areas.

“The department’s strength in Kota Tinggi is currently adequate to conduct rescue operations without needing additional manpower from other districts,” he said.

He said that the department is also ready with a ‘Forward Regional Base’ for the South zone that is ready to assist in terms of manpower and logistics if flooding in the area worsens.

Meanwhile, Public Works, Infrastructure and Transport Committee chairman Mohd Solihan Badri said his committee has requested Johor Public Works Department (JKR) to get the district’s JKR engineers identify the best methods to prevent flooding in the future.


“We can’t have flooding every year, we can’t keep closing roads and evacuating people, this area must have a plan to solve the flooding issue in the long term,” he said.

He also suggested that JKR, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) and the Kota Tinggi district office should come together to manage development in the area.

He said discussions will be held with several of the agencies involved to identify the reasons behind the floods and ways to improve the road and drainage systems.

“JKR and JPS must provide feedback every time there is new development by private developers in order to avoid flooding in the future,” he said.- Bernama