PPMPM: Govt should allow 250 guests for weddings

PPMPM: Govt should allow 250 guests for weddings

PUCHONG: The Association of Wedding Ceremony Operators Malaysia (PPMPM) calls on the government to allow weddings to be attended by 250 guests at a time according to the capacity of the marriage hall.

In a statement, the organisation stressed this can help traders in the wedding industry to continue the business and have cash flow to cover high monthly overhead expenses and save these traders from mats.

“The wedding industry already has strict S.O.Ps and traders in the industry marriage is already performing this S.O.P perfectly. We also welcome S.O.P. which is tighter if the government wants,” said the secretary of the organisation Arabath Ali Bin Arul Alavudeen.

He also added that the budget 2021 presented in the bar recently sidelined traders from wedding industry and it’s not sufficient to revive their industry as it badly affected their industry after the tourism industry.

“Therefore we from PPMPM want suggested several requests for Y.A.B Prime Minister and YB Minister of Finance to give consideration such as: –

a) Extending the moratorium period until June 2021

b) Provide grant assistance of RM 5,000.00 through Special Business Caring Grant (GKP) on a one-off basis to small traders in the wedding industry

c) Relax the loan conditions and facilitate the business loan process in Tekun, SME Corp and PUNB

d) Ask the government to subsidize the rental of the wedding hall by 30% of original rent to traders who rent premises with the intention of holding a hall marriage.

e) Tax holiday bg 2020 for wedding industry operators due to the cancellation of the ceremony marriage throughout 2020 due to the transmission of covid-19.

We from PPMPM hope the government can consider our requests to revive the economy among the wedding industry traders who are experiencing severe financial crisis at this time,”said Arabath Ali.