Pasir Gudang pollution: The gov’t failed to protect its citizens

Pasir Gudang pollution: The gov’t failed to protect its citizens

The recent Pasir Gudang air pollution that rendered several schoolchildren hospitalised revealed the ugly side of our national environmental protection system.

The fact that the ministers made official statement that government could not find the source of pollution after a week show the inefficiency of the government system.

With current digital infrastructure, the government should be able have database of industries in an area with the expected pollutants that might be discharged.

After Sungai Kim Kim pollution case, the government should develop a digital system with a list of all industries and their respective waste discharged.

This digital list could be used to track down pollution source within matter of minutes. The Department of Environment (DOE) should request local councils to instruct all existing industries to send in their respective industrial process and waste details.

DOE should have installed pollution monitoring devices in all industrial areas to monitor water and air pollution level. The government is being a hypocrite by promoting Internet of Things (IOT) and 4th Industrial Revolution but refuses to apply these technologies to control toxic material for human protection.

PSM proposed that the database could be taken one step further. Multiple entities with similar waste could be matched to jointly develop waste management system for economic of scale. The waste from certain industries could be reused as raw materials for another industry promoting circular economy.

Failure to execute these simple steps have led to the innocent schoolchildren to be hospitalised.

After two incidences of poisoning due to pollution from the same place, immediate measures to audit all polluting industries in Malaysia is necessary as precautionary before another mishap happens.

Sharan Raj

National Coordinator

Environmental Bureau,

Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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