Pakatan Harapan- The bad and the ugly

Pakatan Harapan- The bad and the ugly

Although, sometimes there are things that I do not agree with the Head of PH and PKR, Anwar Ibrahim; but in the chapter on defending low -income people, I am quite impressed with DSAI’s stand which is always consistent and people -oriented.

Today this hope is dashed, not because of him but how the Selangor PH Government is dealing with the issue of low-income shops and stalls. Here I do not want to blame the Land Office or MPKj because they are just policy implementers. But the way PH politicians handle today’s issues is quite sad, cruel and arrogant.

Menteri Besar from PKR, ADUN from Parti Amanah and Member of Parliament from DAP. This is not an opposition area. The people whose shops and stalls were demolished today are small traders such as florists, tailors, eateries, mechanics and others.

Their stalls and shops are even in government reserves but they are small, do not disturb traffic, do not hinder development and do not pollute the river and so on. These shops and stalls have been here for a long time and some are over 40 years old and are part of the landscape of Pekan Bangi Lama.

Today this harmony and serenity is snatched away by the machines that came to demolish as many as 12 stalls and shops there. The shocked crowd watched their daily stalls leveled just like that. Although these stalls have long been given notice but they have tried many things.

They were asked to make this application and that at the Land and MPKj office, they tried. They were told to write a letter of appeal, they wrote. They are asked to fill out the form and this, they fill out. They implemented all that and eventually got a rejection letter.

Sometimes I guess, is this just a tactic to give hope after false hope without a solution. But yesterday and yesterday, their ADUN YB Mazuan told me that he was planning a replacement place for them in Pasar Bangi and gave an assurance that this shop/stall will not be demolished.

In fact they will be allowed to operate until an alternative venue is ready. So is the news from MPs. The two MPs yesterday seemed to agree that this is the age of Covid and the economic crisis, not the time to punish ordinary people.

Yesterday, the ADUN spoke to the shop and stall owners that there was no demolition operation today and he managed to talk to the MB and was able to solve the problem until an alternative place was provided. But today, demolition operations are underway as well.

The ADUN’s promise was not fulfilled. DO said who said this operation would not be carried out? What is very sad for me is that while ordinary people are waiting, including the Enforcement Officer for the ADUN, but the ADUN who promised yesterday, did not want to pick up the phone or answer the text.

Do not want to go down together when the people are in trouble. If Mat Sabu is in front of me, I will ask if this is the quality of ADUN Amanah? The MP did not want to come down and said he could visit the place on Sunday.

Is this the way the people will be treated? Is this the quality of ADUN and MP PH? Now I hear the story of ADUN AMANAH feeling that he was sabotaged by the PKR MB. When I hear excuses like this, PH is so bad that I can’t feel the pain of the people.

Everyone has a finger to point to. I’m frustrated at not being able to save a poor man’s home today but I still feel responsible when people call me. If this is the way PH treats ordinary people in a town that does not have much economic activity, pity Malaysians.

S Arutchelvan is the deputy chairperson of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

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