OPUS Pictures’ New Title ‘The Swordsman’ Starring ‘Jang Hyuk’ Released in South Korea

OPUS Pictures’ New Title ‘The Swordsman’ Starring ‘Jang Hyuk’ Released in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Following Parasite’s Oscar win in the 2020 Academy Award for best picture, Korean movie production studios have been kicking into high gear in the hopes of replicating its success.

The Swordsman Movie
The Swordsman Movie

The latest in a long line of successful movies is period action film, OPUS Pictures’ “The Swordsman” directed by CHOI Jae-hoon and starring JANG Hyuk, KIM Hyeon-soo, LEE Na-kyung and popular Indonesian actor, Joe TASLIM.

Despite COVID-19 precautions being still in place in certain parts of Korea, “The Swordsman” is one of a few movies to be theatrically launched in Korea over the major Korean movie season coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday (known as “Hangawi” in Korea). During its early limited release and ahead of its September 23 nation-wide release, it has already attained a top 5 ranking, placing it among Hollywood blockbusters such as the Christopher Nolan-directed “Tenet” and Disney’s “Mulan”.

“The Swordsman” is set during the 17th century after the fall of King Gwanghae of the Joseon’s dynasty. It tells the story of one of Joseon’s greatest swordsman and royal guard, Tae-yul (JANG Hyuk) who is forced into hiding as a result of the conflict between the Qing and Ming dynasties but at the same time happy with his new life in seclusion. However, when slave trader Kurutai (Joe TASLIM) unwittingly abducts Tae-yul’s daughter as tribute to Qing, he returns to action to hunt down the perpetrators and rescue his daughter.

Produced by “OPUS Pictures”, the same movie studio that released the 2010 hit “The Man from Nowhere” and science-fiction action thriller “Snowpiercer” directed by BONG Joon-ho, the movie is expected to make its debut in mid-October in Taiwan and Indonesia.

“The Man from Nowhere” starred Thai acting legend, Thanayong Wongtrakul and spent five straight weeks at the number one spot and grossed a total of USD42,484,155 in South Korea. It was remade in India in 2016, re-titled Rocky Handsome, and directed by Nishikant Kamat, starring John Abraham

Main actor, JANG Hyuk, has previously starred in TV action series “Chung” and “Iris 2” and is a top actor in Korea who does his own stunts. His character is someone who fights with EQ and Instinct rather than IQ. JANG who is well versed in martial arts teamed up with the stunt team to come up with action concepts to showcase a new type of fighting and action style that has not been seen in a period film before.  He was actually injured during the shooting but gamely carried on without taking a break.

A very important aspect of this movie are the action scenes and stunts. With highly acclaimed stunt coordinator LEE Sang-ha’s in-charge, audiences can expect action scenes in “The Swordsman” to be among the most spectacular and exciting they will watch this year. Among others, LEE has worked on movies like “Roaring Currents” and “Spirits’ Homecoming, both of which are set in the historical backdrops.

Director CHOI Jae-hoon who has spent more than 15 years in the movie industry is making his directorial debut. He wants the audience to think about their own beliefs as they watch the film and would like the film to express its core message in a concise and clear way, and convey characters’ emotion and motives via duels they get involved in. He said about “The Swordsman, “It’s a film in which swordsmen fight one another for their own beliefs and creeds in the time of turmoil.”  


TITLE: The Swordsman
CAST:    JANG Hyuk
               KIM Hyeon-soo
               Joe TASLIM
               JEONG Man-sik
               LEE Na-kyung
               LEE Min-hyuk
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