Omolle Launches Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat “MATIV” on Indiegogo

Omolle Launches Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat “MATIV” on Indiegogo

NEW YORK, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Omolle Inc., a developer of interactive fitness content services and a member of Born2Global Center, has launched “MATIV,” the Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat, on Indiegogo, a global crowdfunding platform. MATIV has already been recognized as globally competitive in the at-home fitness market, it has raised USD 204,000 in funding from 626 backers through a Kickstarter campaign. The Indiegogo campaign will continue until June 16th.

Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat "MATIV"
Ultimate Interactive Workout Mat “MATIV”

Omolle’s MATIV offers connected fitness using smart mats and wristbands, which collect data on the user’s feet and arm movements. It uses this data to provide an interactive fitness tech service based on bodyweight exercises. Uesrs can experience a sense of presence as if they were exercising together with an instructor or friends even when training alone by following a video class. (Live class program to be added in 2022). 

MATIV’s smart mat has a built-in membrane circuit with more than 40,000 contacts, which senses the number, position, and intervals of contacts pressed by the user while exercising and derives movement data. The smart band’s IMU sensor and algorithm analyzes arm motion, including the arm’s position and speed.

The collated data is analyzed and displayed both on screen in real-time and post-workout so users can see the number of calories burned, their ranking amongst all users, and their score on how well they followed the exercises. MATIV’s AI detects the exercise situation in real time and provides customized voice feedback, for example, it tells the user to “Spread your legs a bit wider,” or that s/he is “Almost there! Stay strong!”.

Omolle’s CEO Dan Kang said, “We are delighted to be able to provide a new type of connected fitness service through smart mats in a market that has been dominated by treadmills and indoor cycling.”

Omolle has secured the original technology after applying for a patent for the technology used in MATIV. Its technological expertise is recognized worldwide, and the company has applied for 50 different patents, trademarks, and designs, both in Korea and abroad. Thirteen patents and other intellectual property rights have already been registered. Recently, Omolle was selected for the Amazon Launchpad program and plans to sell its products through Amazon upon official service launch in August.

MATIV is available on Indiegogo for USD 300, which is 25% off the regular price. Included in the deal is MATIV, a complimentary one-year subscription, strap sling, dual-port USB charger, USB type C cable, and HDMI cable.

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