Nursahira fined RM10,000, 3 months jail for insulting police

Nursahira fined RM10,000, 3 months jail for insulting police

ALOR SETAR: The Alor Setar Sessions Court, today, slapped Nursahira a shopkeeper to a fine of RM10,000 and three months’ jail for offensive communication on March 27.

The accused, Nursahira Mohd Mizuar, 20, pleaded guilty after the charge was read to an interpreter before Judge Murtazadi Amran.

According to the charge sheet, Nursahira through Facebook intentionally initiated offensive communications with the intention of mistreating others at a house in Persiaran Kiara Mas, Pendang, at 10.12pm, March 27.

She was charged with an offense under Section 233 (1) (a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Murtazadi ordered the sentence on Nursahira to commence on the date of her arrest and if she failed to pay the fine, the accused would be sentenced to two months in prison.

Deputy public prosecutor Aqharie Durranie Aziz prosecuted the accused who was not represented by a lawyer.

In a Friday incident, the woman was arrested by police at 11.30pm, after she posted insulting status on social media.

The woman was said to have uploaded the status after being furious with police directing her to return home when members of the police conducted an inspection of Ops Covid-19 near Jalan Pendang-Kobah Road, Batu Menunggul, around 9pm.