Not expecting any promises, just care for our welfare: Kemasik fishermen

Not expecting any promises, just care for our welfare: Kemasik fishermen

CHUKAI: Not expecting any promises, the fishermen here in the district of Kemaman just want their welfare be taken care of and their voices heard towards a better life.

“We only want one thing, please look into our welfare,” pleaded Remi Ali, 58, one of the fishermen at Pantai Kemasik, here.

Fondly called Pok Mi by the local fishing community, he said the sea had been his source of income since his schooldays although fishing was deemed a 3D job (dangerous, dirty and difficult), his family depended on it for sustenance.

The father of five said his income, however, had often been affected during the northeast monsoon season as he could not go out to sea to fish due to the dangerous weather condition.

“I also have gout, diabetes and a heart problem. Sometimes my feet would be swollen but I would still go out to sea. But during this monsoon season, we cannot fish, hence, no income,” he told Bernama when met at Tanjung Kemasik beach.

Remi said the household living aid given by the government helped the fishermen to a certain extent and he hoped that such an aid be continued.

“We appreciate this aid as it does provide some relief for us. But It’ll be good for us if the amount is increased, as well as the provision of more jetties, wave breakers and so on,“ he added.

Agreeing with him, Abd Ghani Ismail, 68, is hoping that more aid could be given to fishermen, especially during the monsoon season.

He said the fishing community in the area yearned for more development like in Kuala Terengganu so to benefit all sections of society.

Kemasik is located in the Kemaman parliamentary constituency, with Perikatan Nasional (PN) candidate Che Alias Hamid vying for it together with Datuk Seri Ahmad Said (Barisan Nasional), Hasuni Sudin (Pakatan Harapan) and Rosli Abd Ghani (Pejuang).-Bernama