Nora Anne’s family thanks authorities, broken-hearted

Nora Anne’s family thanks authorities, broken-hearted

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of Nora Anne Quoirin thanked the authorities and rescue workers today for their tireless effort in trying to locate the teenager who went missing on Aug 4.

“We would like to thank all the people who have been searching for Nora Anne and trying their best to find her.

“We also thank the local people here and those far and wide for their prayers and support all this while,” they said, in a statement.

The search and rescue team found Nora Anne’s nude body near The Dusun resort yesterday where she was first reported missing.

Her parents positively identified the body as Nora Anne yesterday.

Nora Anne’s remains was found about 2km away from the resort, an area the police said was previously covered by the search and rescue team.

A pathologist from Kuala Lumpur is currently conducting post-mortem on Nora Anne’s remains at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital.

The Quoirin’s ordeal brought together people from France, Ireland, UK and Malaysia who came together to support the family.

Speaking of Nora Anne, the family said that they will always love her and the thought that she was no longer with them was unbearable.

“Nora Anne is at the heart of our family. She is the truest, most precious girl and we love her infinitely. The cruelty of her being taken away is unbearable. Our hearts are broken.

“We will always love our Nora Anne,” the family said.

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