NOHTUS Introduces REJUNER, The World’s 1st Particle-Free PCL Meso Solution

NOHTUS Introduces REJUNER, The World’s 1st Particle-Free PCL Meso Solution

HONG KONG, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Exciting times are ahead for the ever-expanding field of aesthetics, with companies coming up with innovations that make beauty even more achievable, safer and personalized.

The world's 1st particle-free PCL Collagen Stimulator "REJUNER" of NOHTUS
The world’s 1st particle-free PCL Collagen Stimulator “REJUNER” of NOHTUS

Premium Meso Solution by NOHTUS "HYBY" of pure PDRN 1%, "DECENBA" for lipolysis, "Myc1ear" for whitening
Premium Meso Solution by NOHTUS “HYBY” of pure PDRN 1%, “DECENBA” for lipolysis, “Myc1ear” for whitening

An innovative product to be introduced during the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week is REJUNER, the world’s first particle-free PCL (polycaprolactone) Meso Solution developed by Korean company NOHTUS.

PCL is a biodegradable and bioresorbable polymer that possesses collagen-stimulating properties.

With Korea’s outstanding technology, REJUENR could be launched. Which is to convert PCL from solid to liquid, thus making its particles smaller so that it can be uniformly applied to the skin, providing a longer lasting effect. Its effects included: lifting, whitening, moisturizing, wrinkle improvement, pore tightening and anti-ageing.

REJUNER helps to regenerate the skin by stimulating collagen and fibroblast cells in the dermis.

The Meso Solution can be used as injectable into the dermis layer with the 33G and 34G needle, and can be used as mesotherapy with the MTS Roller and Stamp. 

REJUNER is currently available in three labels: GOLD, BLACK and RED. The collagen stimulating effect of both Gold and Black labels can last up to two years, while the Red label can last up to one year.

The product comes in a box of five vials, with 2ml per vial.

REJUNER is gaining popularity in the premium Meso-Therapy market in US, Turkey, Chile, Thailand and Vietnam.

Besides REJUNER, NOHTUS will also be introducing PDRN product (HYBY), lipolysis product (DECENBA) and whitening product (Myc1ear) during the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week.


NOHTUS is specialized in Meso Solution company. Since its establishment, developing and exporting professional cosmetics that can be used in aesthetics and spa.

NOHTUS has been steadily growing and is working on a global branch project such as in Thailand and Vietnam. 

The goal of NOHTUS is to promote its products in the Premium market with the high-technology and safety. NOHTUS will continuously strive to provide products with remarkable marketability in the market.

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