MHDM condemns RPK

MHDM condemns RPK

By: Rishi Kumar Vadivelu ( Sec, Gen MHDM)

Malaysia Hindhudharma Maamandram condemns Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s recent article on YB Rayer’s holy ash or known as Vibuthi applied on his forehead. Raja Petra Kamarudin or known as RPK runs the controversial blog Malaysia Today which he has acknowledged in his writings that he’s being paid to write pro-Najib articles.

In his article ‘Dear Tun, I Wish To Return To Malaysia’ dated 13th April 2019 he alleged “one Tamil Member of Parliament from Penang, RSN Rayer, that Indian chap with the white chalk on his forehead” Vibhuti’s very color which is white is also a symbol of purity. There are verses about Vibhuti in Bhagavat Gita which states just as fire reduces firewood to ashes, jnana (wisdom) destroys all karma.

The basic principle behind wearing of the Vibhuti is that we have to remember that whatever we may be whether a king or a pauper, one will end up as a handful of ash. When a irresponsible person like Raja Petra makes such degrading and insensitive comments, it is sure to destroy the unity and peace among the multiracial society we live in. Keyboard warriors will create hatred mocking each other’s culture and customs in all the comments section.

Thus, he owes an apology to the entire Hindu population in this country who practices the act of applying the sacred ash on their foreheads with such noble significance behind it, not to mention causing absolutely no trouble to anyone whatsoever by wearing it.

Maamandram also wants MCMC to monitor Malaysia Today blog and take necessary action to block it to prevent such incident in future.

Recently the IGP advised the public not to misuse social media or other forms of communication to upload provocative postings that touched on religion and racial sensitivities. He can be charged under Section 233 of the Multimedia and Communication Act for misusing network facilities and services for hurting the Hindu sentiments and for degrading essential practices by the community.

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