MCO: Public must be smart planning their upcoming days

MCO: Public must be smart planning their upcoming days

KUALA LUMPUR: The Movement Control Order (MCO), which should have ended in five days has been extended to April 14, and the public must be smart in planning their days while confined to their homes during this period.

Today is the ninth day of the MCO, since it was imposed on March 18, and the people must face the reality of a longer period of time of the order, which confines them indoors as a move to ensure that Malaysia curbs COVID-19 infections.

In a special message yesterday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said, the extension of the MCO period was announced early so that the people can be better prepared.

As with the days before this, employees who have been instructed by their employers to work from home must continue to do so, while the public can make good use of the time for activities with their families.

The social media is abounded with activities and creative ideas the public can try out, such as recipes, video calls, interactive applications, video-based exercise sessions, as well as online classes for students.

In line with the call by the government that the public remain in their homes, netizens are sharing pictures of indoor activities, with hashtags like #stayathome.

Aware that the people need support and assistance during these difficult times, the government has taken pro-active steps by announcing various initiatives including the deferment of bank loan repayments of up to six months, and re-scheduling of credit card balances and corporate loans.

This will give the public breathing space to manage their lives in a time when the country is battling COVID-19.

As a further effort to help the people, Muhyiddin is expected to announce another economic incentive package tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said, that since the MCO was imposed, the crime index in the country has dropped by 70%.

However, crimes which continue to occur involve house break-ins and motorcycle theft.

A total of 46,000 police officers and personnel throughout the country have been deployed to conduct roadblocks, motorcycle patrols, checks on public premises and disseminate information on the MCO.