Matta forecasts 35,000 fairgoers at Negeri Sembilan event

Matta forecasts 35,000 fairgoers at Negeri Sembilan event

SEREMBAN, April 4 (Bernama) – The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Negeri Sembilan is expecting 35,000 visitors at its 22nd MATTA Fair 2019 in Palm Mall, from April 26-28, and from 10am-10pm.

MATTA Fair Negeri Sembilan 2019 chairman, Mohd Azri Abd Razak, said they are also targeting RM7 million in sales revenue. Last October, the fair reaped in RM4 million in sales.

“There’ll be 80 booths with representatives from travel agencies, hotels, banks, government bodies and more. The fair is offering convenience, and reasonable and competitive prices on international and domestic travel packages, as well as the umrah.

“We’re also focussed on promoting Negeri Sembilan — its heritage and culture, culinary specialities and good places to visit — to give the state noticeability,” said Mohd Azri at a press conference today.

Having said this, he urged the state government to build public toilets and changing rooms at Blue Lagoon Beach in Port Dickson.

“I’ve received many complaints from foreign tourists about the lack of facilities here. Some even told of having to run into the bushes to answer the call of nature.

“There are no public toilets, just a canvas structure erected by the boat/jet ski operator here. I was told that the operator has informed the state government about the dire situation via a letter last year, but there has been no reply from them,” he said.

On the upcoming MATTA fair, Mohd Azri said visitors won’t have to worry about a lack of almost anything here because it’ll include a lucky draw, an opportunity to win vacation vouchers, quizzes, contests, a blood donation drive, health screening service, traditional performances and buskers.


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