Man buried alive with beheaded brother

Man buried alive with beheaded brother

NIGERIA: A man was buried alive by villagers for beheading his brother. The incident took place in Yala, on Wednesday.

Ojemba and his elder brother Obok reportedly had no issues prior to the incident. On Wednesday morning, Obok returned home after a funeral service and his wife served him breakfast before going to the farm. While eating, Ojemba took a sharpened machete and severed his brother’s head.

“Ojemba took the machete which Obok had sharpened to cut yam stakes and from behind dealt three cuts on his brother and removed his head,” a villager said.

The victim’s wife returned home and raised an alarm after which villagers gathered at their home and tried to catch the accused who had locked himself inside his room. Ojemba threatened the villagers he would kill anyone who entered the room. However, three men managed to enter the room and “drag him out.”

Following discussions, the angry villagers concluded that the accused must die with his elder brother and accordingly, buried him in the same grave with the victim.

“They tied his arms and legs and dumped him inside the grave they dug for his brother and placed his brother’s body on his and covered the grave with earth.

“He was begging and shouting that they should have mercy on him but nobody listened,” the villager added

In a similar incident in Ghana earlier this month, angry villagers lynched a man who was caught cooking the flesh of a pregnant woman he had killed.

While searching for the pregnant woman who went missing after stepping out of the home to collect some nuts, the villagers found Kofi Sammy cooking some meat behind a bush.

The villagers then confronted him suspecting the meat to be human flesh. The man then admitted to killing the woman.

Sammy then led the villagers to a pit where the dismembered body of the victim was found.

The villagers then took Sammy to Chief Palace, the main meeting place of the village, and waited for the police to arrive.

However, a while later, the villagers forcibly took him from the palace and lynched him.

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