Lockdown: Long-distance married couples take precautions to avoid Covid risks

Lockdown: Long-distance married couples take precautions to avoid Covid risks

KUALA LUMPUR: Long-distance married couples (PJJ) are taking precautionary measures to ensure that their families and the people around them are not exposed to the risk of Covid-19 transmission when their loved ones return home, especially from the red zones.

They will comply with the government’s decision on the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the total lockdown, that interstate travel is not allowed from June 1 to 14. The PJJs have also been asked to exercise patience in order to break the Covid-19 pandemic chain.

For example, Norshita Abdullah, 47, who lives in Kangar, Perlis said that her husband, who works in Penang, had decided not to return to Perlis because he did not want to endanger the lives of others.

“Although he (husband, Hasmizan Zainuddin) was able to work from home during the MCO (Movement Control Order), my husband did not return to Perlis because he was worried about carrying the Covid virus, which would not only endanger the family but others as well,” said the mother of two.

The civil servant said that it would be better if he was just a bit patient and waited for the Covid cases to dip first.

In Melaka, RTM officer Muhd Aliff Al Hafiz Bahruddin, 31, admitted that he had to make a sacrifice to be apart from his wife, Safinah Ahmadi, 31, who lives and works in Kuantan, Pahang, during the lockdown which starts today.

Admitting that he was not happy to leave his wife to look after their three children, aged eight months, three and four years old, but he had to do so after seeing the escalating pandemic situation, especially in Melaka.

“I feel sorry for my wife who has to take care of the children alone while she is also working. I will not be satisfied with just a video call, especially with my youngest.

“But for the safety of my family, I will abide by the rules and at the same time hope that the vaccination (process) will be expedited,“ he said.

In Kota Bharu, a Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) employee, Shahrizal Talib, 42, said that he understood the risks of Covid-19, so he decided not to go home to see his wife, Nur Aisyah Ibrahim, 38, and their three children, who are living in Terengganu for the time being

Despite living in a neighbouring state, Shahrizal said he prioritised the health of his family members.

“Currently, I do not want to return to Terengganu as Kelantan still has one of the highest Covid-19 infections.

“I don’t want families in Terengganu to be at risk of the infection,“ said Shahrizal, who has been working in Kelantan away from his wife and children for the past three years,” he said.-Bernama