KPT offers post COVID-19 research grants

KPT offers post COVID-19 research grants

PUTRAJAYA: Lecturers at public universities and private institutions of higher learning are invited to bid for the Higher Education Ministry’s (KPT) special grants to conduct research on critical areas that are in close association with the community in dealing with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

KPT, in a statement issued today, said at least RM20,000 would be allocated for each research covering 20 key areas.

“Among the areas for research that are identified closely related to the community in dealing with the realities after the Movement Control (CPP) Order ends is the impact on the economy, public health, safety, tourism, trade, information technology, education and food security,” it said.

It said the proposal paper for the research could be carried out individually on in a group of not more than three people.

The application for this special grant is opened from April 15 to 30 this year with the research to be conducted in six month,” it said.

The ministry said the Department of Higher Education (JPT) would be given the responsibility to coordinate the application and evaluate the research grant in determining the suitability of the research to be carried out.

The finding of the research will be evaluated by the ministry’s Research Grant Evaluation Committee and if suitable, will be tabled to the Cabinet to determine its feasibility for implementation, it said.

KPT said information on the grant can be accessed at the Malaysia Greater Research Network System (MyGRANTS).

According to the ministry, the short-term research grant is offered as part of its efforts to provide a source of reference to the government, especially the relevant ministries, in preparing and formulating policies in facing the scenario after the COVID-19 pandemic.