Kluang flood victims accept fate, thankful situation not severe

Kluang flood victims accept fate, thankful situation not severe

A septuagenarian living in Kampung Muhibbah, Paloh near here had lost her husband a week before their home was struck by floods.

According to Alizan Mohd Amin, 36, his mother Jamililah Mo’min, 78 was still grieving over his father who passed away due to pneumonia.

“My family and I accepted this as a test from God and the passing of our father with an open heart,” he told Bernama when met at the flood relief centre at Kampung Muhibbah community hall today.

Alizan said the events could be too much for his ailing mother to bear, adding that his priority now is to ensure that his mother regains her health.

“It has been raining heavily since Saturday night that went on until yesterday morning, and the water started rising at around 4 pm yesterday until it reached the knee-level within half an hour,” he said, adding that the area had not been flooded in the last 10 years.

Meanwhile, Nur Zalina Kassim, 27, said she did not expect that water would rise so fast, adding that she and her family members left the house in a rush.

In all the confusion some important documents were lost in the floods such as her sibling’s identification card, she added.

The mother of two said she only managed to take with her some clothes and her children’s needs to the relief centre.

Nur Zalina said she could only pray that the weather would improve so that they could return home.

She said she was thankful that the flood situation was still under control and that the area was not as badly affected as other areas that had claimed lives and destroyed homes.

As of 4 pm today, a total of 71 evacuees from 23 families were housed at three relief centres in the Kluang district.– BERNAMA