Khat – Bersatu’s political tool for Malay votes

Khat – Bersatu’s political tool for Malay votes

1. The introduction of khat in the Bahasa Melayu subject by Pakatan Harapan (PH) was not accepted unanimously by the various races and political parties in this country.

2. Supporters include Umno and PAS whereas those who are opposing are made up of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and a group of DAP members.

3. It appears strange that Umno is supportive on this issue as the party ruled for over 60 years and did not think of upholding khat.  The party brought an end to Jawi writing in schools.

4. However political observers understand view this as a bait from PH on two folds: to beef up Malay support and create a wedge between Umno and PAS.

5. Umno has no option but to support this effort so that it is not seen as an opposer of Malays and Islam. For PAS it does not have problem in supporting since they don’t rely on non-Malay votes.

6. MCA, MIC and Gerakan are all out against this effort because this is an opportunity to regain the trust and votes of the non-Malays.

7. The role of retaining non-Malay votes in PH is in the hands of the DAP. They need to convince members and supporters that Jawi and khat calligraphy is not meant to convert them to Islam but is solely to draw Malay votes for PH.

8. For those who are not in the mainstream parties, they do not need to interfere in this issue as it would be a loss to them and split the party whose membership is not even 10,000 people. They should realise that this issue and the issue over Dr Zakir Naik are the issues of mainstream parties.

9. In conclusion, Bersatu is competing with PAS to attract Malay votes.  Bersatu intends to take over Terengganu, if not Kelantan in the upcoming general election.

10. PAS is drawn to this political bait similar to the Kelantan petroleum royalty bait that may yield almost RM1 billion annually.  People like Berjaya Group’s Tan Sri Vincent Tan is eyeing this treasure in the waters of Terengganu.

11. If there are Malays who forget easily, let’s remind them that Bersatu chairman and Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the father of Malaysian politics.  No one can kill his political carrier even though he ended the careers of thousands of political leaders.

Abdul Abdul Karim is a PSM member.

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