It’s a lonely journey for COVID-19 patients, says Dr Redza

It’s a lonely journey for COVID-19 patients, says Dr Redza

KUALA LUMPUR: Everyone needs moral support from their loved ones, especially when they are sick.

But sadly, for those recently diagnosed with COVID-19 or those being investigated for suspected infection, their journey is a lonely one, with no friends and family allowed to be around them.

That is the reality faced by COVID-19 patients when they are placed in isolation rooms for treatment.

A medical officer, Dr Redza Zainol, shared his experience treating COVID-19 Patients-Under-Investigation in his Facebook post.

In his post, Dr Redza said when treating COVID-19 patients, he could only give his best and pray that his patients would be given strength to face their fate.

“I had to control myself so that my tears won’t fall because every time we entered an isolation room, the first question the patient would ask is, ‘Am I COVID positive, doctor?’

“‘Some begged us to allow family members to come and visit. Please doctor, help me, only for a while, said a mother of a four-year-old patient, begging us to let her husband visit their son,” he said.

Dr Redza said, it saddened him to see the young mother crying and begging, but he could only say sorry, as for such patients, the road is indeed long and lonely.

“They are alone most of the time. No visitors or caregivers. In the isolation ward, after checking and treating the patients, all staff will step out and close the door.

“We only communicate through walkie talkie or the telephone. Sometimes we even use white board and markers through the glass window. Mostly we enter the isolations wards only two times a day, or as needed,” he shared.

Dr Redza’s Facebook post garnered thousands of views with his comment box overflowing with readers’ responses praying for the safety of the nation’s medical team and the patients.

“And for me, as a medical staff, I will do what I can. For the rest, I leave it to Allah. I pray for their recovery during each of my prayers. Please, let us all pray for their recovery together,” he continued in his post.


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