Introducing the All New OnePlus Watch, Enhanced with GoMore’s Fitness AI

Introducing the All New OnePlus Watch, Enhanced with GoMore’s Fitness AI

TAIPEI, March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OnePlus has officially launched its first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch, on March 23rd, 2021 (EST). The OnePlus Watch is equipped with a leading training and fitness algorithm powered by GoMore.

Introducing the All New OnePlus Watch, Enhanced with GoMore’s Fitness AI
Introducing the All New OnePlus Watch, Enhanced with GoMore’s Fitness AI

OnePlus Watch Product Manager, Mr. He, Bohan, takes this opportunity to express his commitment to enhancing the ecosystem of the OnePlus family: “The cooperation between the OnePlus Watch and GoMore is a first-in-class experience in personal fitness features.” GoMore’s fitness algorithm, embedded within the OnePlus Watch provides a new and extraordinary experience to individual trainers and sports lovers. 

Together, GoMore and OnePlus have brought a unique solution to enhance fitness. The personalised fitness model found on the OnePlus Watch, powered by GoMore, can help users track their stamina level, personalized heart rate zone, VO2 max, aerobic stamina, and recovery time, and further interprets this data to reduce injury-risk and improve training sessions and results.

This physiological data, captured in real-time, is then transformed into tailored and actionable fitness insights to help users better understand their training sessions based on their remaining energy and physical fitness levels. Furthermore, the OnePlus Watch can also help monitor users’ heart rates and notify them it’s too high, as well as monitoring their stress levels, and provide breath training exercises.

“It was a privilege to work with OnePlus in questioning how fitness and health can be redefined, and we wish to explore more together in the future,” said GoMore CEO Dr. Kuo Hsinfu. “I hope GoMore can serve as a springboard to increase our awareness of the impact that science-based fitness can bring, and to also improve our health and fitness using bleeding-edge technology.”

About GoMore

At GoMore, we constantly push the boundaries on how technology can be brought on a consumer level to enhance fitness. GoMore utilizes AI sports algorithms with real-time physiological data to provide actionable guidance for individual sports lovers of different levels. As a leading AI sports algorithm technology company, GoMore’s AI sports solutions have not only passed three years of experimental verification by the international training center at East Tennessee State University (ETSU), but was also published twice on accurate physical model verification on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Additionally, the GoMore algorithm is also the first AI Sports algorithm verified by the China Institution of Sports Science (CISS).

The integration of IT hardware and software AI sports algorithms powered by GoMore has brought a brand-new ecological chain value to the sports science industry, and together with other well-known hardware companies, we can move forward to a smarter, healthier, and better future.

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