Introducing Evangeline Shen – Redefining the Female Corporate Trailblazer in the World’s Fastest Growing Conglomerate at the Bellagraph Nova Group

Introducing Evangeline Shen – Redefining the Female Corporate Trailblazer in the World’s Fastest Growing Conglomerate at the Bellagraph Nova Group

PARIS, July 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With its new headquarters located at the renowned No. 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, France, the Bellagraph Nova Group (BN Group) is a newly established multi-national conglomerate overseeing the enormous success of its 31 entities spread across over 100 countries with a combined revenue exceeding US$12 billion. This exciting new enterprise is ready to stake its claim as the world’s fastest growing 360° lifestyle platform and substantiates its commitment to diversity and inclusion with its first ever female Chairman, Evangeline Shen.  Known to her friends and colleagues simply as “Eva,” she was instrumental in completing this landmark merger with the Singapore-based DORR Group. 

Ms. Evangeline Shen - Co-founder and Chairman of Bellagraph Nova Group
Ms. Evangeline Shen – Co-founder and Chairman of Bellagraph Nova Group

Before assuming her new role as Chairman of the BN Group, Eva successfully led multiple business ventures across a diverse array of industries from healthcare and medical specialty to financial investment services to luxury real estate and lifestyle products, thereby asserting her personal belief:

My greatest mission is to spread a spirit of self-determination and self-affirmation as a code of conduct for social development“. – Ms. Evangeline Shen.

Her success story did not just come about over one night. After graduating from the prestigious Fudan University, Eva began her career at Jinmao LLP, one of Asia’s leading law firms, where she showcased her talents and ability by becoming the youngest Senior Partner ever at the age of 25. From there, Eva embarked on a new career in investment banking with UBS and Morgan Stanley where she led many successful business dealings and supplanted herself as someone who inspires others to challenge themselves by setting herself as an example.

With a solid foundation in investment banking and law, she decided to capitalize off her knowledge and experience to start her own business venture, Bellagraph Jewelry, an ultra-high luxury Parisian-designed jewelry house renowned for its bespoke investment-grade jewelry.  As of today, there are regional headquarters in major commercial markets including France, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Eva is bringing with her an enviable reputation of Ultra High Net Worth Clients from around the globe to the BN Group.

What truly sets Eva’s successful business model apart from others is her unique talent to capitalize on the ever increasing online sales platform for the traditional retail “brick and mortar” jewelry industry. Eva pioneered the unique marketing strategy to focus on selling extremely high-valued jewelry pieces to the online market. In fact in 2019, Bellagraph set the world record for the largest single online sales transaction across all categories when her company sold a piece from her Red Diamond Jewelry Collection for a staggering price of US$102 million, which is still the highest single unit sales record to this date. To put things in perspective, the highest ever online sale through Sotheby’s auction was transacted at US$1.34 million.

In a limited amount of time it would normally take a company to find its footing, Eva has been able to generate over 20 million weekly views online across various social media platforms for Bellagraph Jewelry, which is on par with online views for Apple. This has systematically ranked her business in Top 10 online sales transaction categories across multiple e-commerce platforms such as TMall, Ali Baba, Taobao, and Amazon. Recently, Bellagraph Jewelry was ranked seventh overall, slightly trailing Tiffany & Co. and Chow Tai Fook Jewelry, which is an impressive showing for an investment-grade jewelry brand.

Catapulting off the success of Bellagraph Jewelry, Eva has managed to seek out other successful business opportunities. One of these is strategically aligning herself with the Novena Bellagraph Medical Group. Together with this team, Eva is launching Asia’s largest and most luxurious anti-ageing hospital clinic at the luxurious Bvlgari Hotel in Shanghai, China, with the Montreux-based Clinique La Prairie.

Very recently on June 16th, 2020, Eva concluded the successful merger of her company with the DORR Group, which is founded by Mr. Terence Loh and Mr. Nelson Loh, to form the
Bellagraph Nova Group. This talented trio aims to firmly establish the Bellagraph Nova Group as the world’s fastest growing conglomerate across multiple industry sectors.

Beyond her business mindset, Eva is a passionate philanthropist at heart. Her integrity is one of her key core values which exudes justice, equality, meritocracy, logic, and ultimately, her inner balance. It simply comes down to a belief of “give and take” in order to work hard towards a solid foundation in both personal and professional achievements. Recently, she brought together a few like-minded young professional leaders to donate millions of medical supplies to cities in China severely hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. She also sits on the board of the Cambridge University Girton College Scholarship Foundation and is dedicated to the Global Obama Leaders Foundation which provides better opportunities for the underprivileged.

Eva is best known for her pragmatic, intelligent, and sophisticated persona, and welcomes new challenges with passion and conviction. In her free time, she enjoys the great outdoors and has scaled various mountain peaks as well as being a master diver where she has completed over one thousand dives around the world. Her secret to success is simple–an undeniable passion for life and all that it has to offer. In short, Evangeline Shen is herself the embodiment of success.


Sustainability, diversity and ethics, constitute the cornerstone of BN Group’s model and compliance policy for its executives, employees and stakeholders. Our emblem is the butterfly, the symbol par excellence of endurance and perennial metamorphosis.

The Group is headquartered in the famous 10 Place Vendome in Paris, France. With 31 entities in over 100 countries, the combined US$12 billion revenue Bellagraph Nova Group is the world’s fastest growing 360° lifestyle platform.


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