INTAGE Accelerate Nationwide Expansion of TV-Digital Cross-Media Viewership Panel

INTAGE Accelerate Nationwide Expansion of TV-Digital Cross-Media Viewership Panel

TOKYO, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — INTAGE Inc., Tokyo, Japan, announce the expansion of coverage of its proprietary TV viewership panel (i-SSP®) to support further deep analytics of TV-Digital (smartphone and desktop) cross-media analysis as well as the media impacts on consumer purchase by looking into the significant overlap with another proprietary consumer purchase panel, SCI®. The expansion has been ongoing since the beginning of April, 2021.

The latest expansion will cover other local areas, in addition to Kanto, Kansai and Chukyo, which i-SSP® TV has so far covered.

There are 3 main major value offerings enhanced by the panel expansion of i-SSP® TV:

[1] Nationwide cross-media ad measurement in the same scale : i-SSP® monitoring both TV and digital viewership from the same individuals provide detailed on-target area analytics of 3 viewership patterns (TV Only, Digital Only, TV & Digital) for brands and agencies to check each campaign ROI. Furthermore, with the combination of a focused survey to each viewership segment, it will help clarify insights, such as, which types of consumers show higher interest in certain products and categories, and to what extent campaign messages have truly resonated with the target consumers.

[2] TV campaign impacts on store purchase: by cross analysis with SCI®, INTAGE proprietary consumer panel database, brands and agencies will have an area breakdown view of TV ad impacts on the product on air. Through established an AB test survey to both exposed and non-exposed, key marketing indicators, such as brand image, brand awareness, and brand lift, will be analyzed to optimize the next campaign portfolio by region.

[3] Nationwide share of voice and competitor analysis: i-SSP® TV will help campaign owners understand share of voice, all over Japan, to take strategic action to fill the gaps against their competitors.


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