IPEC Global Legacy Recognition Gala to award certified individuals in industries

IPEC Global Legacy Recognition Gala to award certified individuals in industries

KUALA LUMPUR: The inaugural IPEC Global Legacy Recognition Gala will be held on July 23 to award certified individuals in various industries and the role they have played in their respective fields.

The individuals come from different industries such as beauty science, health science, hospitality and tourism.

There are three main categories: prime legacy, visionary legacy and iconic legacy and winners would for the various awards would be from 21 APEC member nations.


Dr Juliana Lim is the founder and chief executive officer of IPEC Certification Bureau.

IPEC stands for International Persons Certification. The bureau is an accredited certification body under the Department of Standards, Malaysia (Standards).

Lim also explained the role played by IPEC Certification Bureau, which is to certify individuals with the ISO standard.

“We are the certification bureau to certify individuals under ISO/IEC 17024 2012.

“We empower people to do assessment and certification to upskill, reskill and cross-skilling for human capital development,” she said.

According to Lim, human capital development is not limited to human resources alone as it involves a global development agenda.

“It is about empowering human capital development globally which involves future economic growth,” she said.

Certification has become a vital element due to globalisation, involving government-to-government policies and harmonising frameworks for industry ecosystem.

She told The Leaders Online that IPEC was first involved at the ASEAN level in 2016 when it held its first convention on ISO/IEC 17024 with all ASEAN nations.

Capacity building workshop

The APEC Capacity Building workshop will be held from July 23 to July 25 on ISO/IEC 17024 at the Pavillion Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, involving 21 countries on the future of human capital development.

“In three days, participants will learn about the ecosystem of standardisation and certification of ISO 17024, which involves accreditation, certification, training and certified personnel.

‘This will provide confidence among consumers and the public,” said Lim.

“This year, we are very proud that we are the supporting team helping to implement ISO/IEC 17024 for APEC approved projects,” she said.

IPEC plays a supporting role to Department of Standards in coordinating and supporting stakeholders.

 “We will hold discussions at a people to people level, connecting citizens from 21 countries,” said Lim.