Female passenger robs Grab driver

Female passenger robs Grab driver

KUALA LUMPUR: A request from a stranger to a woman for help in booking a Grab ride took a sinister turn when the stranger was alleged to have robbed the e-hailing driver.

At about 10pm on June 10, A. Mary, 55, who was waiting for her son to pick her up from Jalan Bukit Bintang, was approached by a woman, who asked for help to book a Grab ride.

Mary made the booking and while waiting for the car to arrive, the woman suddenly disappeared.

Fearing that she would be fined for not showing up at the pickup point, Mary cancelled the booking.

However, the woman reappeared and asked Mary when the Grab ride would arrive.

After telling the woman that she had cancelled the order as she was nowhere to be seen, the woman pleaded with Mary to initiate another booking, which Mary did.

This time the woman got into the Grabcar and left.

Mary received a call from Grab about two hours later asking her why she canceled the initial booking, to which she explained.

She subsequently received another call from Grab the next day informing her that the woman passenger had robbed the Grab driver. However, details of the robbery were not divulged.

Mary lodged a police report the following day.

Grab Malaysia has urged the driver to also lodge a police report and will monitor developments on the police investigation.

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