Ezam: Najib made a mockery of Malaysia, just stay in court

Ezam: Najib made a mockery of Malaysia, just stay in court

DS Najib is a former PM of Malaysia who is currently facing a court case in the biggest money laundering case in modern world history.

His statement that he opposed the efforts of the opposition, especially PKR President DS Anwar Ibrahim, who led the PH in providing check and balance on PM’s stimulus package, was extremely inappropriate.

A person facing serious charges in a court like Najib should not interfere in the affairs of the government and opposition.

The effective and responsible opposition should be critical and serious in ensuring that government policy is not abused. Especially against a government that is built on the basis of corruption.

Unlike previous opposition who were ineffective in their focus on stealing power back and criminal penalties, today’s opposition has been an effective opposition.

Enough of the world mocking and laughing that this government is being built by the signatures and support of MPs facing criminal charges in court like Najib.

Should we also be suspicious and ask whether Najib’s strong support for Muhyidin as PM is now part of the Stimulus Package to escape punishment?

Najib, enough and stop making Malaysia a world-class joke.

JUST STAY IN COURT (or jail later).

Datuk Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor is Malaysian Anti-Corruption Movement chairman

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